Publication date 2 April, 2020


‘A lyrical tale of wild, frontier Australia. Evocative, insightful, thought-provoking. 

Karen Viggers, author

‘Booth is superb at the small detail that creates a life, and the large one that gives it meaning.’

Marion Halligan, author


‘Delicately handled historical drama with a theme of finding self, both in relationships and art, backed by issues on race relations in Australia and women’s rights.’

Tom Flood, author and editor

Read my blog article about the background to writing The Philosopher's Daughters. There is also a blog about the perils of publishing during a pandemic.

From nineteenth century London to remote outback Australia, two sisters – pulled apart by love – are brought together by tragedy.

When Harriet Cameron follows her beloved sister, Sarah, to the harsh Australian outback – as dangerous as it is beautiful, as mysterious as it is wild – she is alienated by the casual violence and great injustices of outback life.

Harriet’s recovery from this alienation begins with her growing friendship with an Aboriginal stockman and her increasing love for the landscape.

But this fragile happiness is soon threatened by murders at a nearby cattle station and by a menacing station hand who is seeking revenge...

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