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To celebrate the release of my new book "A Perfect Marriage", I will be hosting several events in the UK in March 2018. I would love to meet and hear about how you've enjoyed my other novels, so if you are interested please click one of the below links for more information.


1 March 2018, A&R Bookstore


7 March 2018, A&R Bookstore


14 March 2018, A&R Bookstore

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‘With an intricate plaiting of past and present that both tantalises and beguiles, this novel is a poignant account of a marriage that is not what its title suggests’

Marrion Halligan


‘Alison Booth captures the magnificence of female friendships and the tragedy of a disastrous marriage in a narrative that has the most satisfying of conclusions, hope.’

Nicole Alexander

‘With crystal-clear prose and an artful warmth, Alison Booth leads us into the heart of contemporary human relationships, exposing tough – and necessary – truths. Very moving.”

Nigel Featherstone


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