Fiction by Alison Booth

photo by Studio Vogue, Belconnen

Welcome to my fiction website. I do hope you enjoy navigating your way around it. 

My novels are about country Australia. If you come from the country – be it a small town or a property - you carry it with you for life, whether you’re running back to it or running away from it.

My bestselling Jingera trilogy is set in southern New South Wales, and centres on the small coastal township of Jingera. In each novel I aim to create a unique blend of characters and plots, in distinctively Australian country settings and with characteristically Australian themes.

The books in the trilogy - Stillwater Creek (2010), The Indigo Sky (2011) and A Distant Land (2012) - are published by Random House Australia and have been reprinted a number of times.

To see details of each novel, click on the button for each title in the list to the left of this page. There you will also find free sample chapter downloads by clicking on each book cover.

All of the titles can be ordered from good bookstores and are also available from online booksellers in both paper and electronic form.

I was born in Melbourne and brought up in Sydney, and spent over two decades studying, living and working in the UK before returning to Australia in 2002. Married with two grownup daughters, I’m a professor at the Australian National University and an ANU Public Policy Fellow. 

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