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Publication date 16 March 2023

‘Booth is superb at the small detail that creates a life, and the large one that gives it meaning.’ 

Marion Halligan, prize-winning author


‘A captivating slice of Australian history, rich in character and colour, Bellevue is sparkling with acuity and authenticity.’

Kim Kelly, author of The Ratcatcher

New South Wales, 1972. Following the death of her beloved Aunt Hilda, widow Clare Barclay inherits Bellevue, an historic property in the Blue Mountains township of Numbulla, Australia. Giving up her teaching job to move to the mountains, Clare plans to restore the house to its original glory. She also hopes to track down a box of missing documents that may shed light on why husband Jack secretly second-mortgaged their former home.


Clare makes friends with the locals, including a young boy, Joe, and soon hears of plans to redevelop Numbulla and to exploit the land bordering the protected wilderness area.  As she joins the protest against the rezoning, it’s clear someone doesn’t want her there and they’ll do anything to stop her…

Written from Clare’s and Joe’s perspectives, Bellevue highlights cross-generational bonds that grow between them as they struggle, individually and together, towards an acceptance of the losses each has sustained.

Available for A$24.99 in Australia and GBP 9.99 in UK. The book will be available as paperback, e-book and audiobook.

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