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Stillwater Creek

‘A mythical town and its people are brought beautifully to life ... a really lovely book’



‘A finely observed historical drama ... evocative and eminently readable’



‘A story that lingers long in the imagination”

DEBRA ADELAIDE, author of The Household Guide To Dying


‘Who could not be charmed by STILLWATER CREEK? I loved the characters, the scenery, the dramas, the gentle humour and the sense of Australia as it once was.’



It is 1957 and, after the death of her husband, pianist Ilona Talivaldis and her nine-year-old daughter Zidra travel to the remote coastal town of Jingera in New South Wales. Ilona, a concentration camp survivor from Latvia, is searching for peace and an opportunity to start anew. In her beautiful vine-covered cottage on the edge of the lagoon, she plans to set herself up as a piano teacher. 

The weeks pass, and slowly mother and daughter get to know the townsfolk - including kind-hearted butcher George Cadwallader who is forever gazing at the stars; his son Jim, a boy wise beyond his years; Peter Vincent, a former wartime pilot and POW; and Cherry Bates, the publican’s wife who is about to make a horrifying discovery...

For Jingera is not quite the utopia Ilona imagines it to be - and at risk is the one thing Ilona holds dear...


An audio version of the book is available at Louis Braille

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