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A Distant Land

A DISTANT LAND is part-thriller, part-romance, and ….I found myself engrossed in the drama of Zidra's investigation into corruption in internal security and of the aftermath of Jim's South-East Asian ordeal, all the way to the final page. 

Charlotte Harper - Canberra Times


A DISTANT LAND is a moving story of love set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War.

Sally Murphy - Aussie Reviews

Back in 1957, Zidra Vincent met Jim Cadwallader for the first time. Fourteen years later, their bond of friendship - forged in childhood in the beautiful coastal town of Jingera - is still strong. But is friendship all they dream of?


Jim is now a respected war correspondent in Phnom Penh, reporting on the Vietnam War as it spills over into Cambodia. But he has plans to come home for good, because there is something important he wants to tell Zidra.  Meanwhile Zidra is an ambitious reporter at the Sydney Morning Chronicle, and the seeds of a major story have just landed in her lap. Life is looking good, if only she could share it with the man who knows her best.


Then, while at work in the newsroom one day, Zidra catches sight of a wire service bulletin. A story out of Cambodia. The body of a Western journalist has been discovered near Phnom Penh. And her world collapses around her…


A Distant Land is the final volume of the Jingera trilogy. It can also be read as a self-contained work. 


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