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Publication Day for The Philosopher’s Daughters

Publication day for The Philosopher’s Daughters was 2 April, 2020, a day when we were in lockdown to try to beat the dreaded Covid-19.

We had planned events in the UK, which is where The Philosopher’s Daughters is published. Needless to say, these events had to be cancelled and my trip to the UK had to be shelved too. To make things more complicated, the London warehouse went into lockdown some weeks ago and book distribution halted.

However, the publisher and publicist organised a UK book bloggers tour that began before the lockdown, and I’ve been thrilled with the responses. You can see these on my Twitter account @booth_alison (search using the hashtag #ThePhilosophersDaughters).

If you would prefer to read The Philosopher’s Daughters sooner rather than later, you might care to purchase an ebook version. The Philosopher’s Daughters is available in ebook form at most ebook retailers including Amazon Kindle in both the UK and in Australia, and also Kobo and Apple Books.

Once book distribution resumes and the paperback version of The Philosopher’s Daughtersis fully mobile again, we will firm up plans for book events in Australia - and I hope also the UK, when international travel is allowed. Rumour has it that it won’t be long before books are back on UK roads, so if you’d like a paper copy rather than an ebook you might want to pre-order now through your favourite bookstore or through the publisher at this link: The publisher will also ship airmail to destinations outside the UK.

The outreach from the Australian book community to authors whose releases have been affected by the Covid-19 lockdowns has been most impressive. I’m very grateful to authors and book bloggers who have offered coverage on their blogs to authors like me. Here is a link to Sophie Masson’s beautiful website, where she posted on publication day my guest blog about The Philosopher's Daughters. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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