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Alison Booth Bellevue News and Events

Bellevue’s appearances in panels at Writers Festivals:

The Canberra Writers Festival, August 2023

The Historical Novel Society of Australasia, October 2023

Radio/press Interviews for Bellevue 2023

  • Cambridge 705 FM: Leigh Chambers ‘Bookmark’ programme

  • ‘The Book Show’, Talk Radio Europe. Hannah Murray

  • Barbie Robinson, Living Arts Canberra

  • Blue Mountains Gazette: Interview with Tom Walker

Opinion Pieces

Culturefly UK

The Scotsman

Women’s Agenda

Ramona Mag


Launch Day

‘In Conversation’ with Nicole Alexander, moderated by Caitlin Gleeson (UK, US and Australia

virtual event)

Book Party

Street Theatre Foyer, 27 April. In conversation with Frank Bongiorno, Professor of History,


Media Reviews

Living Arts Canberra

Peterborough Telegraph

Canberra Times

The Riot Act: The Canberra Bookshelf:

UK Bloggers Book Tour March 2023

Here are cuttings from Bellevue’s book tour:

‘Rich in both character & surroundings, the author has a way with words... Grab yourself a

copy & immerse yourself down under.’ Bernie Robinson

‘This is a story of unity, and it shines with Booth's love of the heritage and beauty she feels

for her homeland. It took me right through the emotional range, with plenty to evoke

outrage and anger, as well as sentiment and joy - and all the threads tie up neatly in an

uplifting ending that has you punching the air with glee!’ Sue at Brown Flopsy’s Book


‘With undercover corruption, greed, secrets, relationships and mystery skilfully woven into

the story … you have a beautiful tale about letting things go…There was lots to love and

enjoy and I recommend a read!’ Claire @c.isfor.claire_reads

‘This is such a beautifully written book, I instantly warmed to Clare and the friendships (now

and past) were so endearing, especially the bond between her and Hilda. I loved the setting,

the author’s descriptions really brought them to life. The book also shows the impact of

communities pulling together… A must read!’ @MrsBookburnee

‘Beautifully told…rich in Australian history… wonderful characters… I recommend

#bellevue…you will not want to put the book down.’ A Lover of Books @destinylover

‘There's a lot of heart in this book, and as Clare finds her place in Numballa, making friends

and campaigning to save the wilderness, she slowly comes back to life after years in survival

mode.’ Insta: @RamblingMads

‘Alison is an imaginative and talented writer, who creates a cast of characters that are

original and endearing…I found Bellevue to be a completely stimulating, satisfying and

visually sumptuous read and it is definitely going on my list of favourite books of 2023… .’

Twitter: @The Fallen Librarian Reviews

‘a slow burn tale of a rural community under threat & their determination to prevail &

emerge stronger, collectively & individually’.

Insta: @lingerlongerwithbooks

‘Bellevue is a multi-layered family drama … so effective in transporting the reader to

Australia and in evoking the beauty of the Blue Mountains, and… strong and interesting

characters. With several overarching themes and elements to the plot, Bellevue is a novel

that is sure to appeal to a wide variety of readers. It's perfect for those who love a family

drama as well as fans of ecofiction and mystery.’

Twitter: @shelfofunread

Australian Book Blogger Reviews


The Riot-Act, 5 March 2023.

In the monthly edit of The Canberra Bookshelf , Barbie Robinson writes: 'Alison Booth writes

exquisite literary fiction, astutely observing the nature and behaviour of her believable,

often flawed characters...With the all-too-familiar pairing of shonky real estate and corrupt

politicians bubbling along in the understory, the author cleverly engineers both a personal

and a social finding of self...'

‘Joe is a true delight… Once again, excellent Australian historical fiction.’


‘a powerful reminder of the power that people have when they unite. Highly



‘Rich in atmosphere, multi-layered and highly textured, [with] a compelling

storyline…[A] beautifully evocative and poignant work.’


‘an engaging and rewarding novel that offers a clear warning… that we must be willing to

fight corruption and greed to preserve those places that are most precious…’

Rebecca at We Need to Talk about Books:


More reviews on social media

Prof Ann McGrath 5*

“Alison Booth takes the reader on a compelling journey where the main character finds

renewed purpose in environmental causes and a true home through friendships. Although

unnerving things happen, Booth brings a gentleness often missing in the novels I’ve read


Kerrie Barnett 5*

“Another great read from Alison Booth. This is a skilful blend of character insight with the

intricacies of plot and occurrence. It is set against a positive background of good triumphing

over bad,… Stayed up late with this one!”

Brenda: 5*

Bellevue is another impressive novel from the pen of Aussie author Alison Booth which I

thoroughly enjoyed. Set in the Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia, I could see the

picturesque valleys with their native birds and animals, the mountains surrounding the

towns with their tinge of blue - it's a beautiful area, and Ms Booth depicted it perfectly. The

characters were well portrayed, as is usual for this author. I've enjoyed all Ms Booth's books,

and highly recommend Bellevue as another success.”

Marianne Vincent 5*

“With her gorgeous descriptive prose, Booth easily evokes her setting, the Blue Mountains

of NSW; Popular culture references and the absence of modern technology firmly cement

the era in the early 1970’s; and the theme of individuals uniting to fight insensitive

development is a universal and timeless one. Once again, excellent Australian historical


Cindy Spear 5*

“Alison Booth’s riveting new novel is set in the picturesque Blue Mountains of NSW.

…There’s so much to admire in this story that p

ortrays family trauma, secrets, rescue

missions and community spirit. They are all haloed by the beautiful landscape… which in

turn enhances the elements of mystery. I certainly recommend this finely polished novel

that will touch the naturalist’s caring heart.”

“For me, Alison is an imaginative and talented writer, who creates a cast of characters that

are original and endearing, so much so, I completely forgot most of the time that they were

fictional, I was so invested in their lives! I relished the undulating nature of the storylines

and I found Bellevue to be a completely stimulating, satisfying and visually sumptuous read

and it is definitely going on my list of favourite books of 2023. I adored every adeptly titled

chapter, and I must insist that you read it too. Time to place a book order and build a sofa

nest, cancel your plans, and transport yourself to Bellevue in the Blue Mountains.”


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